Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Christian Time Travel Paradox

So, what if in the future we can time travel?
    Normal, sci-fi dream.
 But, what about time-travel tourism?
"Okay, but Family Guy did that."
What about CHRISTIAN time travel?
Think about it: we already have christian themed travel agencies.
Now, where would they go: to see Jesus.
You may be asking: when could you see Jesus and not screw up time?  The Sermon on the Mount.  A lot of people standing around and listening to Jesus, the perfect cover.  And as a bonus: You get to be part of the miracle of loaves of bread.  Free lunch on this time travel trip.
But this makes me think if most of the crowd turns out to be christian time travelers then does that mean the reason Jesus had to do a miracle is because of time traveling believers?  Who knows, but makes an interesting CHRISTIAN TIME TRAVELING PARADOX {BOOM}

And for those who like a little action: the Crusades.
Horror: the Inquisition

But really, I just want a freaking time machine.

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