Saturday, November 30, 2013

You're not weird.

Don't let you think because you choose tie-dye and burning man that you are "weird"... weird mother fuckers believe that it's a world conspiracy about the earth being round, because it's flat and for some reason the governments of the world don't want you to know. (no joke.)

Those are some weird people.  (the biggest problem with conspiracies is usually they are too much work: look at the NSA those are real spooks and they hemorrhage secrets)

I wrote the above a few months ago.  It's an unfinished response to the return of a few of my friends from Burning Man.  They were riding high on their freak summer, and were going on about how square the real world was and how awesome their pseudo-utopia was.  And the one thing all burners do: talk about how weird they are.  "Because, like, you don't know weird till your out on the playa. dude."


Weird is as it is stated above are crazy mother fuckers who believe that the world is really actually flat.   And for some fucking reason, because if we knew it wouldn't be a secret conspiracy, the governments  of the world all work together to keep us in the dark.  The world governments can't even decide if the UN should be officially French or English.

Riding around on a unicycle, wearing a Gandalf costume and playing the Imperial March?  It's not

SO.   You're not really weird.  Just a little eccentric.

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