Friday, February 24, 2012

Okay so...

... if browser cookies are able to record the previous page before access to another website ( knows that you were over at  Target's website) and because website statistics are such a big part of the web industry then there is some sad person who looks through this data and knows the person who was on a porn site and then went to amazon to find cheap toys; and as scary as this maybe for a few out there, what happens when I start to visit hardcore porn sites in between browsing popular children sites (Highlights, Nickelodeon...)?
Is that guy trolling through the data going to say anything?  Personally I would start a pin-board in my office with a constant list of the weirdest/cool site stepping.  But I think the right/ethical thing would be to visit the data on that ISP and see if they show signs of pedophilia or child porn procession.

Food for thought on a Friday afternoon.  Welcome to The Crooked Way, with your host Bent Ray.
After the badgering of friends and family I have created a blog, but as I am shy it is an anonymous blog.  Which blows a hole in the whole blog thing (heh.)

I wanted a place to put down my own weird brain flashes and twisted humour.  And here it is:

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