Saturday, March 3, 2012

Beer and motivation.

Its hard to find motivation in life.  From getting up to workout, to writing a book, to applying for higher education.  Its more than finding and using some energy, its finding the emotional stimulus to bring one to use that energy.  I think I have found some of that energy: I don't want to end up like those around me.  Failed lives are to frequent in this world.  It is too easy to fail and still be okay: a shitty job is still a job that pays for the bills.  It is easy to spend a major portion of my life working low wage jobs.  It is hard to realize my own potential and get up and change the world.  I have many plans that could (or could not) pay off.  The problem is that they may not, but that should not stop us from reaching for our dreams.

Man is a conservative beast.  As such he is afraid of chance, specifically when it comes to his own life.  I am naturally afraid of "throwing caution to the wind."   Should I let this hold me back?  I say no, this should empower us to strive for more.  William Shatner recently said in an interview when confronted with his own successes and why he keeps going with the immortal cry of "because it is there."  If only we all had this drive.

The motivation for this post was a night of drinking and enjoyment of friends.  Maybe I should try harnessing this energy during a sober period and see what I create?

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